Expat Realtor Groningen


Expat Realtor Groningen

Anderz makelaar is (in all modesty) the best and most experienced Expat Realtor of Groningen. We are very well-informed and help out alle people from across the globe. As things are very different here the chances of faillure are huge. But, when accompanied by one of our specialists, you can reduce faillure, bad buy or legal procedures to a minimum.

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Buying a home in Groningen

Buying a home is having a struggle The property market is very overheated at this moment so even getting a viewing is already hard work. The Dutch term for a purchase agent is Aankoopmakelaar. As a potential buyer you have a legal obligation to perform research. Lots of information is available from “public” registers. But how do you know what to look for, where to look. How to judge the asking price? How much should you bid? What is legal research? etc. etc. etc. So, to assist and unburden you as much as possible, we can guide you from A to Z.
you would like to buy a house in Groningen or surrounding areas, you can contact us for a videocall or schedule a meeting in our office.
We have several packages to help you buy a house in Groningen:

  1. Home purchase coach
    Partial assistance
    Full A-Z assistance in full peace of mind

    The name AnderZ: A to Z service and wordplay for “doing things different”.

Selling a home in Groningen

Selling your home is also a special trade that should best be performed by a trained professional. You have a legal obligation to report any flaws. But which one are mandatory and which ones are not? What price can you charge? With over 20 years of experience and buying property for clients on a daily basis we are confident we can help you out as to minimize stress and maximize profits. And while doing that we make sure all files are in order and all processes follow legal rules and local regulations.

Free appraisal of your home

Sometimes you would like to have a status update, you are considering selling, renting or refinancing. You can ask for a free appraisal of your home at anytime. An agent shall visit your house free if charge and obligation to view the property, assess it’s value and make a report for you. Due to Covid, we can also help via email, however the value shall then be presented as a bigger bandwidth.

Whom to call as your Expat Realtor in Groningen?

You can contact Martin Hammega (click for LinkedIn profile) or call / WhatsApp on +31-65 35 122 12