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Property tax 2021

Property tax in 2021

In 2021 the taxation rules will change. When purchasing property everyone needs to pay a one time fee to the government: property tax. Yes, it is also a yearly fee, but when changing ownership of a house the taxation office loves to jump in and squeeze a little extra.

0%, 2% or 8% ?

Depending on your age, the purchase price of the property as well as the goal you have to buy it you pay a certain fee.

0% – Is to help starters and young people. When you have not yet reached the age of 35 you pay 0%.
Suppose 2 people buy a house (50-50 like a couple) of € 300.000,-. One of them pays 2% of 150.000 and the other one
pays 0% over 150.000. So, 1% average.

2% – Is for all houses of 400.000 and over. Regardless of your age. (short exception is houses transferred before April 1st 2021)

8% – Is for investors. Also when you purchase property as “buy-to-let”. So when the house you buy is not your actual adress.

This arcticle is written 15-12-2020 and today it is not yet clear what happens when you buy, live in it for a month and sell, or leave to rent out. Anderz makelaar keeps monitoring the situation,  so if any news comes up we shall update this article.

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